WNDUWoman missing bottom row of teeth following gameday fight…Police are investigating a fight and possible hit and run in St. Joseph County, just east of the Notre Dame campus. St. Joseph County Police received a call around 9 p.m. for a fight at the corner of Willis St. and Bulla Rd. Once on the scene, officers found a man lying in the road and another man standing next to him. The man on the ground had severe facial and upper body wounds. According to police, both men said they were hit by a car, but police have not confirmed that. Investigators say it’s possible that is a story to cover-up a fight. While police were talking to the men, a woman approached officers and said she’d been hit in the face with a case of Natural Light Beer. The woman had very visible wounds, most profound, her entire bottom row of teeth were missing.

Is it just me or is Notre Dame football kind of back?  I mean for the first time in forever we’re actually talking about them for playing good football.  Well maybe I should say winning football.  Could have been the worst college football game I’ve ever watched in my life on Saturday night and I’m not exaggerating.  But regardless they’re winning games and trying to be relevant again.  And now even their fans are getting back in the action.  Not just sitting in the libraries of their ivory towers telling everyone how they’re basically an Ivy and talking about Rudy and national titles from ’88.  Actually putting in the leg work and tail gating and fighting and getting entire rows of teeth knocked out of their head by Natty Light cases.  Like real college football fans.  Got to respect it.