As my search for a summer job reaches day 34, I’ve started to look for different ways to be productive. Luckily, my lack of steady employment has given me plenty of time to follow the media clusterfuck that is the Casey Anthony trial for the past couple weeks. And after careful weighing the facts and evidence of the case, I’ve come to a conclusion: I kind of want to bang Casey Anthony. Judge me if you want, but I just call it like I see it. She’s spent the last year in the whatever the female equivalent of a federal pound me in the ass prison is. A “punch me in the cunt” prison? Regardless, it’s not like she wouldn’t be down. And while the body language experts on Court TV have spent days trying to figure out if the look on her face says whether or not she’s guilty, I can do them one better sum it up in the subject line of a Casual Encounters ad on Craigslist: “White Female with DSLs, DTF.” And the best part with this chick is even if she gets pregnant, she’s not going to have a problem getting rid of it. It’s a win-win.

So the question is what do the Stoolies think?  Would you bang out this murdering whore?  I’m a 5 for Yes!

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