Daily Camera - The University of Colorado announced a new plan Tuesday to snuff out the Boulder campus’s 4/20 smoke-out, warning that police will ticket pot smokers at this month’s event — a more aggressive enforcement tactic than in years past, when officers mostly monitored the crowd for safety reasons. CU officials — who, for the first time, have the support of student leaders in their bid to end the unsanctioned April 20 event — warned that attendees will face $100 fines if caught smoking pot in public while students could see additional sanctions from CU’s Office of Student Conduct. Those with medical marijuana registry cards also risk having them revoked upon conviction, CU leaders said. “It needs to end,” Chancellor Phil DiStefano said of 4/20 in a statement released Tuesday. Meanwhile, in an effort to keep students away from Norlin Quad during the smoke-out, student organizers will spend $150,000 to host a free, students-only hip-hop concert featuring onetime Haitian presidential candidate Wyclef Jean, who has promoted marijuana legalization in the past, and referenced pot in song and on stage.

Yeah fuck you Boulder!  If we have every media member and feminist and protestor on the entire planet on our ass for having college dance parties you sure as fuck can’t be standing around in public smoking weed!    Welcome to the club bros.  Welcome to the new America.  No fun allowed or you’re a criminal and a rapist.  And yeah I get that weed is illegal.  Why is that again?  Seriously if you take a look at the drugs and shit kids are doing these days, an entire student body contained in one place smoking joints with safety personnel and a police presence monitoring it is probably THE safest thing you can do.   Just a bunch of stoned kids lying around on blankets laughing and playing the guitar and eating Cheetos.  But hey maybe I just make too much sense sometimes.

PS-  Having a Wyclef Jean concert as an alternative is about as bad a trade off as you can get.