ESPN-  It’s safe to say that millions of people knew Andre Williams was a finalist for the 2013 Heisman Trophy before he did.  The Boston College senior running back — the nation’s leading rusher with 2,102 yards — wasn’t watching as former Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel announced the six finalists live on “SportsCenter” at around 6:15 on Monday night. Williams was at the Chestnut Hill mall instead. 

And though the awards talk understandably has been centered on him, the humble Williams has made a point to credit his coaches and his offensive line for their roles in his record-setting season (establishing BC and ACC single-game and single-season records for rushing yards). Asked Monday night if he planned to share any of the frequent flier miles he’ll be accruing this week jetting from Boston to the various awards presentations with his O-linemen, Williams laughed before proposing his own unique reward. 
“If I actually win the Heisman Trophy,” he said, “I’ll chop it up into equal pieces and they can all take a piece of it home.” 


Andre Williams is such a renaissance man I can’t even handle it sometimes.  Seems like the most pure and genuine guy in all of College Football.  I mean look at this quote he gave Sports Illustrated 2 weeks ago.

“If it wasn’t for football, I would probably invest in a couple cows and chickens,” he said, “and go live in the bush and make my own cheese and live a simple life.”



Just perfect.  It’s absolutely hilarious and at the same time you know that he is not kidding in even the slightest.  Andre’s no diva, he doesn’t need all the glitz and glamour like the rest of these youngbloods, dude just wants to play some football.  And if he can’t do that then he’s going to Homestead the shit out of some land in the Great Plains and make the best of out his situation.  The glass is never half empty for Andre and that’s why people like him so much.  Well that and the fact that he rags dolls defenders on the regular:




And now this.  You’ve got to respect him giving so much love to the dudes in the trenches.  I know that a lot of running backs and quarterbacks will give credit to their lineman when the cameras are rolling but are really in their heads thinking, “Ok, but how about now we talk about me?”  Not Dre Will though, guy doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body.  That’s why I’m pulling for him to take home the hardware this year.




At the end of the day though it’s obvious that Famous Jameis will run away with the trophy and this will all be a mute point anyway, but I’m sure the big dudes up front appreciate the sentiment.



H/T Chief & Tom P