Sign Up For The Big One Week 2 Tournament

Let me say this loud and clear.  Getting straight up mollywopped by that idiot KFC last week in the Week 1 FanDuel tournament was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me.   Haven’t heard the end of it yet.   But make no mistake about it this week I re-establish my dominance as the best fantasy sports player on the network, and it couldn’t be a better time.  Last week was chump change.  This week we got $4000 in prizes on the line.   Big time cash.   $50 entry fee.  Only 89 spots in the league so sign up fast.   All you got to do is:

1) Sign up/Enter here

2) Draft your squad with a $60K salary cap.  Sunday/Monday games only this week.  Thursday excluded.

3) Kick back and watch the games and we’ll have a winner by the end of the last snap.  Boom done.

Not only do I guarantee that I beat KFC but I pretty much guarantee I win the whole thing.  That’s how confident I am in my resurgence.

Sign Up For The Big One Week 2 Tournament