Philly - A man died of heart attack after an all-out brawl broke out at a Society Hill wedding early this morning, and part of the melee was caught on video. At least seven police officers can be seen on the video, one of whom repeatedly uses his baton to strike a wedding guest. The person who took the video, who says that it’s his birthday and he wishes the wedding guests would just go to bed, at one point asks “Did they just deck the bride?” Police said a 57-year-old guest, reported to be the uncle of the bride, was found unconscious outside of the wedding at 2:06 a.m. He was taken to Jefferson University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead of a heart attack at 2:51 a.m.  Philadelphia police said the wedding fight was not only between guests from the same wedding party but also between guests from two separate wedding parties. Both feuds started in the hotel bar, police said.

I feel like this is kind of a normal Philly wedding right?  Like this is one of the featured Philly wedding packages when you sit down with the planner on day 1? Set up the flowers, 6 tiered cake, string orchestra,  drink a little too much at the hotel bar, slam a few too many cheesesteaks, get in an argument about Pat’s and Geno’s and Wawa and then just start swinging at motherfuckers.  Put the groomsmen on the flanks to throw batteries at the bride’s side, put the bridesmaids up in the rafters to film and upload to World Star.  Don’t stop until the bride gets punched in the face and somebody has a heart attack.  Am I stereotyping or hitting the nail on the head?