NBC DFW: Northwest ISD is motivating students to stay in school with an annual car giveaway. A lucky North Texas high school student won the keys to a 2011 Chevy Camaro for making good grades and showing up to class. The prize left Kenzie Deaton speechless. “It’s just coming out as crying and happiness,” Deaton said.  “I thought I was stuck with my mom’s car.” “Secondary students are notorious, sometimes, for becoming lax in their grades and attendance. This is a motivation tool for them to work on their grades,” said Byron Nelson High School Principal Linda Parker.  The catch is, only one of the 25 winners ends up with the donated car. This year’s recipient must wait a while before driving off. Deaton is a high school freshman and is only 14. “I will probably let my parents drive it until they’re ready, and then I’ll take it back,” Deaton said. The 24 runners-up each received a Dell Streak 7 Touch Screen Tablet.

Tough times falling on students in the 2010s…am I right? I mean is this a fucking joke? Freshman bitch got a new fucking car because she showed up to class. Didn’t even need the perfect attendance record.   Are you serious? They need that kind of motivation to sit through 6 periods of Geometry and US History round 35?   Bitch can’t even drive!

Aw boo hoo stuck with your mom’s car in 2 years.  Listen slut when I was a kid it was like…”take the fucking bus, walk home from school in the pouring rain…we don’t give a fuck just get your ass to school.” Now my little brother isn’t even allowed out of the house without a cell phone and a hand up his ass leading him all the way to school.   Here I am whipping a 97′ Subaru Outback like a motherfucker that my parents made me buy off them at full blue boo just so I could learn the sweet feeling of an honest days work. Worked my wrists to the bone scooping ice cream and collecting cans from the neighbor’s recycling for too many months. So excuse me if I’m not jumping in the air for this bitch and celebrating the fact that she gets a fucking Camaro for doing a little over the bare minimum. In my day, that shit just got you a pat on the back and 15 more minutes on the dial up connection.