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Michigan State QB Commit Finishes 57 Day Sentence For Body Slamming Security Guard…Goes Immediately Back To Jail Same Day For Assaulting Girlfriend When He Got Home
Sep 163:15PM EST

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.52.14 PM


Detroit - Detroit Cass Tech High School football standout Jayru Campbell was released from jail Friday but is back in after allegedly physically assaulting his girlfriend.

Campbell, 17, was in jail serving a 57-day sentence for slamming a school body guard to the floor.

Police sources said there’s now another video. Sources told Local 4 shortly after being released Campbell went to Cass Tech to visit.

Campbell made his way to his girlfriend. Sources said he tried to take her phone, eventually pushing her to the ground to get the phone. He allegedly read her text messages and then assaulted her, choking and hitting her, leaving the girl with a bruise below her eye.

Sources told Local 4 Detroit Public Schools police reviewed the video and Campbell was arrested at the school.

He is beginning his senior year at the high school. He announced earlier this year he will no longer be committing to play for Michigan State University.




Does everyone remember this video?  Needed a reader email to jog my memory.




Absolutely savage bodyslam.  (Which I don’t think I addressed this at the time, but being a school security guard and getting your ass handed to you by a high school kid has got to be the most emasculating thing to ever happen on the workforce).   Said how it showed all the intangibles you need in your recruits.  Strength, explosive ability, power, a little bit of an edge.  Unfortunately for our boy Jayru he picked the WRONG week to dabble in some domestic abuse.  Not that it was ok before obviously, but hitting and choking your girlfriend in today’s climate then hoping to continue your football career is just not gonna work.  A hot tempered criminal with no regard for human life may have played before but just no chance now.   From high school star and recruit to one of the top programs in college football to jail followed by probably a job at a food court…that’s what beating up rent a cops and women will get you.  Well deserved.





h/t Scott


Smokesmash Matchup from Hell – Amanda from Louisville vs. Camila from BC
Sep 162:30PM EST

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.29.27 AM





Amanda from Louisville


Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-5.51.32-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-5.51.42-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-5.55.20-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-5.56.20-PM Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-5.53.02-PM



Camila from Boston College


Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-6.08.45-PM Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-6.08.55-PM Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-6.08.59-PM Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-6.09.04-PM





1 for Amanda…5 for Camila


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Dude Gets Virginia College Students To Sign Petition Supporting ISIS
Sep 161:54PM EST




And when we all line up at the polls in November 2016, their votes will count just as much as ours  #America



Seriously I am by no means an expert on foreign affairs or a political pundit but let’s be real, if you don’t know who ISIS is you need to get a refund on all that tuition money, hand it straight back to your parents then personally deport yourself.





PS – Who the fuck signs something without even knowing what it is?  Who even stops to talk to these lunatics on campus/on the street with clipboards in their hands in the first place?   Psychopath move.

Rick Ross – Elvis Presley BLVD + Logic – Under Pressure
Sep 161:30PM EST

Rozay already has one of the best albums of the year under his belt in Mastermindbut the MMG head honcho can’t stop won’t stop and has yet another album on the way in 2014, with Hood Billionaire set to drop in November.  Check out the first single off the album, a cool 11/10 effort on “Elvis Presley BLVD.”

Also check out the latest single from Logic, who’s set to release his major label debut on October 21st via Def Jam Records.  With recent collabs with Big Sean and Childish Gambino under his belt and a long running habit of only dropping hits, I can’t wait to see what the young man’s got in store for us on the album.

Arkansas State Coach Says They Ran The Play-Dead Fake Punt Play Because He Really Liked the “Fainting Goat” Youtube Videos
Sep 1612:50PM EST





NFLFirst, it was designed, not improvised. Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson said the Red Wolves practiced the play all week, and Mays got more and more convincing with his collapse as the week went on. Second, it was not only designed, but inspired. Anderson was on the North Carolina staff last year when the team decided to pull a prank on quarterback Bryn Renner. That prank, known as the “Fainting Goat,” in which all 22 players except Renner collapsed immediately after a snap during practice, has commanded more than a million hits on So here is the story of Saturday’s adaptation:

“Because of the formation we were in for that fake punt, Booker was covered up and couldn’t go downfield, or it would be a penalty,” Anderson told College Football 24/7. “So we said, ‘What do we want to do with him? Do we want to bubble him or peel him out?’ Someone said let’s just let him be a fainting goat. I loved it, so we just put that in. His job on that play was basically to not get a penalty by going downfield, because the fake was on the backside of the play. These kids have had five head coaches in five years, so we try to let them have fun.”




Listen I love this coach’s attitude.  Love how he wants his guys to have fun and lighten the mood up a little bit after 5 coaches in 5 years and a lot of losing.   I really don’t want to be a spoil sport here and rain on this guy’s parade as his fake punt play is the talk of the internet.  But just wanted to pop in and make a quick recommendation, if I may.  Maybe we wouldn’t have so much coaching turnover and lost games if we put in some actually good plays?    Like maybe install a fake punt play that, you know, actually works and doesn’t result in an immediate interception that hit the defender right in the breadbasket?  Look for a little bit of inspiration from Bear Bryant or Knute Rockne or Nick Saban books and coaching tape instead of viral Youtube videos of farm animals?  Because as much fun as reenacting the fainting goat is and becoming the laughingstock of the blogs is,  not losing 41-20 is even more fun.  At least in my humble opinion.




Guy Who Cheated On Three Different Girls Gets Busted When They All Meet Him At The Airport
Sep 1612:00PM EST


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.09.08 AM

Daily Mail – A supermarket assistant who had three girlfriends at the same time was confronted by all of them when he flew home from holiday.

Charlie Fisher, 20, had been stringing along Becky Connery, 18, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham, 19, and another girl, who does not wish to be named, for more than six months without any of them finding out about each other.

But when he went away on holiday, Becky discovered he was cheating on her with both Lizzie and the other girl, who is 20, so they came up with the idea of humiliating him at the airport when he got home.



You want to talk about ethering people on Twitter, this guy Charlie Fisher just ate it in the social media public eye harder than anyone else ever has. From the mouth of the one girl who’s just LOVING every second of her pseudofame:


“He came out of customs and saw all of us and his face just dropped. We said we wanted to talk to him, and he said ‘Can’t I talk to you later?’ and we said no, we wanted to talk to him now.”

I said to him “Don’t you have anything to say to us?”


But then, according to the girl’s version of the story told to the Daily Mail, this guy Charlie — who was assaulted by these insane women at the airport — just had the best response to the ambush:


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.12.44 AM


The tale of Charlie Fisher is being spun as one all about girl power and women bonding together to take down a ruthless man who doesn’t care at all about the women he dates. But it should actually be about Charlie Fisher, cocksman extraordinaire, who slammed these three girls (and probably countless others), saw them taking selfies at an airport, and straight up snubbed their righteous indignation. And honestly, Nana deserves some props, too. I have no doubt these girls were like, “Do you have any idea at all how awful your bloody grandson is?” and grandma just probably muttered something calling them “slags” or “dumb birds” or some other British idiom since I’ve used up all three I know and moved on to the parking lot to go home. That’s not empowering to these girls. That’s straight up boss shit on Charlie’s side all around. Never let them have their moment, that’s Charlie Fisher for you.



Shitty gage earrings or not, Charlie Fisher can play on my team any day. No doubt he’ll have another three girls on the hook in a heartbeat and he’ll be doing it while racking up BUCKETS of cold cuts with his supermarket assistant employee discount. Might take a pseudonym and a John Travolta Face Off move but he’ll be back on that horse in no time.



Also real talk this guy Charlie dodged a bullet. This Becky girl tweeting pictures like this at 18 is real psychopath shit:





Though, to her credit, she is kind of smoke-y in that husky British chick kind of way.


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.20.19 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.19.59 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.19.41 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.19.32 AM



Another point for our boy Chuck with the Lunchables hookup.

College Hoops Player Charged With Felony Assault For Punching A Dude In The Face After Losing A Dance-Off
Sep 1611:30AM EST

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.08.01 AM



The Rotunda - Longwood junior basketball player Shaquille Johnson has been charged with a felony of malicious wounding after an incident that occurred at a party on Buffalo St. in Farmville, VA around 1 a.m. on August 31.

According to Farmville Police Chief Doug Mooney, the altercation stemmed from a dance off competition between Johnson and Hampden Sydney College student, Aaron Doman.

Mooney speculates Johnson was angered, or unhappy about the conclusion of the dance off and then allegedly struck Doman in the mouth knocking out several of his teeth. Doman was taken to the hospital shortly after the altercation.

“This is an example of what can happen at a party when you have alcohol involved,” Mooney Said. “The problems we see with Longwood students are almost always when alcohol is around. Alcohol was being used by people there, and it altered their judgment.”

Johnson was born May 10, 1994 according to Northwest Florida State College’s website; making him 20 at the time of arrest.




Lot of people are going to fault Shaq Johnson here but not me.  Won’t find me piling on a guy who’s just flat out passionate about excelling at whatever he puts his mind to.  Life is all about getting the win, doesn’t matter whether you’re on the hardwood or in some shitty apartment having a dance off at 1 in the morning.    That’s just what being a competitor is all about. You don’t get to be a D1 hoops player at Auburn without having that constant fire to always win.  Unfortunately you also don’t get kicked off that Auburn team and sent to Juco then Longwood University without making some horrible decisions, so that’s the other edge of the sword right there.  Can’t say that competitive fire always works in his advantage.   But if you think I’m going to sit here and condemn a guy for getting a little heated when someone just Stomped the Yard all over his face you’re looking at the wrong guy.




Robin Thicke Says He Lied About Writing “Blurred Lines” And Was Too High On Vicodin and Vodka To Actually Contribute Anything To The Song
Sep 1610:47AM EST

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.39.01 AM


NBC - Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke claimed during a court deposition released Monday that he’s been lying for a year about his role in writing the biggest hit of his career, “Blurred Lines.” Thicke says he was too high on Vicodin and Vodka to contribute anything to the 2013 song of summer, which was co-written by producer Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris, Jr.

The revelation was part of Thicke’s testimony as he defends himself in a lawsuit filed by Marvin Gaye’s estate alleging that “Blurred Lines” plagiarized Gaye’s 1977 “Got to Give It Up.” In depositions in Los Angeles federal court, Thicke admitted he took more credit for the hit song than he should have because he thought “it would help sell records.” Williams said he went along with it “because that’s what happens in Hollywood.”

When an attorney played a mash-up of both songs at the beginning of his deposition, Thicke begged him to stop:

“It’s so hard to listen to it. Major/minor clashing. Not same key. Oh, that’s hard. I would think my band was tone deaf…It’s impossible musically. I don’t know what musician can even listen to this while a major and minor are fighting each other…Mozart would be rolling in his grave right now.”

On idolizing Marvin Gaye: Thicke said he first heard Gaye’s music when he was eight years old and he loves it—just not as much as his own playlist. In fact, he said, “Got To Give It Up” ranks high, but only “after my own hundred songs.”

“I’ve been called the ‘white Marvin Gaye’ since I was, since I got started,” he said. “So I think I’ve embraced that, consider it an honor. And so sometimes if somebody is leading you into, you know, being compared to or connecting with Marvin Gaye, I might embellish.”

Thicke does not recall any statements he made during interviews during the biggest year of his career:

“I had a drug and alcohol problem for the year and I didn’t do a sober interview so I don’t recall many things that I said..I didn’t do a single interview last year without being high on both…Every day I woke up, I would take a Vicodin to start the day and then I would fill up a water bottle with Vodka and drink it before and during my interviews.





Poor Robin Thicke.  Guy really thought he had something going there for a little bit. The absolute smash hit of the summer.  Couldn’t turn a radio on without hearing his song in the first 2 minutes.  Smoking hot wife.  Popularity, album sales, all that good shit.   Now look at him.  Wife left him, last album sold like 60 copies (not exaggerating, I think it was literally 60), every feminist on the planet hates his guts for being a rape enabler, crippling booze and pills addiction.  And to top it off he had to flat out admit he didn’t even write the damn song in the first place and that it was all Pharrell.  Brutal hit to the self esteem.   Hey I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the guy who gave me Ratajkowski dancing naked on video but let’s just say things could be going better for him right now.





PS – NSFW video (you didn’t think I’d forget did you?)

11 Thoughts On This Week In College Football
Sep 1610:00AM EST



- Sorry for anyone who started shadowing my picks this weekend. After a blistering 8-1 start, I got cocky and made 6 picks and ended up going 2-4 on them, although I will say for myself that if Hundley doesn’t go down when UCLA covers and I’m an even 3-3. I’ll try to do better next time. Let’s get to the actual football, as always the handle is @CharlieWisco






- The biggest story of the week so far has been the SEC receiving 7 of the top 15 spots in the AP Poll, an unprecedented mark. Truth be told, it really should be 8 of the top 15 (Missouri is underrated at #18 and better than any of the 3 Pac-12 teams ahead of them). If you were hoping that Florida State’s national title last year was the end of the “SEC Era” in College Football, sorry.

-       I’m wondering if in the playoff era, the SEC is almost TOO good for their own good, as crazy as that sounds. Take Auburn’s schedule for instance, who ESPN’s Football Power Index has rated as the best team in the country: They still have to play LSU, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama, all teams capable of beating anyone in the country any given Saturday, in less than a 2-month span. Could anyone conceivably survive that schedule unscathed? It’s looking increasingly likely that every team in the SEC will have one, maybe two losses, which means if Florida State, Oregon, and one of the two Big-12 teams (Baylor of Oklahoma) remain undefeated, the SEC will only be represented with one team in the playoff. Which is complete bullshit. The SEC West alone deserves two teams.

-       The SEC West is the best division in college football history this year, and it’s pretty inarguable. Yes you can make that statement three weeks into the season. Of the 7 teams, 5 of them either are or have a legitimate argument to be a Top-5 team in the country. Bielema’s Arkansas is starting to formulate and gain the identity of a pound-the-rock Big 10 team with SEC beef on the O-line that he’s been striving for. Mississippi State is respectable. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, this is why the playoff needs to be expanded. The SEC West alone should have two, possibly three teams compete for a National Championship (sidenote that I will probably write a full blog on later in the season, the playoff should be 6 teams, with the top-2 teams in the country receiving bye’s).



-       Last note on the SEC (I promise). Isn’t it funny how arbitrarily we decide how coaches keep or lose their jobs in high-profile college football gigs? While Florida was losing to Kentucky, the general consensus on twitter amongst the experts was “If Will Muschamp loses this game, he’s gone.” Coaches nowadays are more than just football coaches; they are directors and leaders of a multi-million and multi-faceted organization. And a blown call by a ref or a misstep by a 20-year old can decide whether that leader should lose his job or keep it. And I know Derek Mason is a first-year head coach and ostensibly a perfect fit for Vanderbilt given his background with Stanford, but if he loses to UMass and begins 0-3 including a blowout against Temple, he might be gone too. He’s lucky he coaches for Vanderbilt, cause most SEC fanbases wouldn’t call for him being fired as much as calling for him to be dragged out to the streets and shot given the product he’s been putting out on the field.

-       I know it doesn’t matter but it still makes no sense Oregon isn’t the #1 team in the country. No one has looked more dominant or more complete. Just wanted that noted.




-       The Big 10 continues to be awful as ever. For one, Virginia Tech (who beat Ohio State) losing to ECU didn’t help. The MAC, yes the MAC, has a better record against Power-5 conference teams than the Big 10 does. Can you hear that noise in the background? That’s the sound of Woody and Bo’s souls trying to figure out how to kill themselves even though they’re already dead.

-       Remember when Spags publicly called me an idiot and favorited all the trolls on twitter saying I have the sports knowledge of a 12-year old girl because I said USC was overrated and the Pac-12 was going to end up being top heavy? Then USC got blown out against BC, Stanford might be as “eh” as a lot of pundits predicted, and Oregon looks like the only contender in the conference? Good times.

-       Stating the obvious: The Baylor-Oklahoma game will be the most anticipated conference matchup the Big 12 has had in years. No other conference is it more clear who the Top 2 teams are. I can’t wait for that game.




-       A quick word on Penn State even though it’s old news. No, I don’t support repealing the sanctions placed on them, even though I know it’s “good” for the Big 10. What happened at Penn State was not only the most horrific sports scandal of all-time, it was the most sickening happening to ever occur on any campus since the Kent State shootings, and probably was worse than that. The purpose of the sanctions was to change the culture of Penn State and insure something like this would never, ever, ever, ever, ever happen again and crush the cultish idolatry that plagues college football. Penn State hiring James Franklin, a coach with a history of questionable actions during a RAPE CASE, their students chanting “Where’s the statue?” and the support the Paterno family receives from the Nittany Lion community despite their apathy towards Sandusky’s victims proves that culture has not changed at all. I don’t know what James Franklin did or didn’t do, but if anyone should have exercised caution and just stayed away from him, it was Penn State. But they didn’t. They chose a proven winner and Coach Of The Year candidate who can win them football games over appearances. Clearly nothing has changed in Happy Valley. I get you don’t want to punish the players who had nothing to do with it, but they had the option of leaving, and to be honest, a few dozen kids football careers isn’t that important compared to the atrocities committed. Shame on the NCAA (as usual).

-       I’m going all SEC with my picks this week. Auburn, Mizzou, and Texas A&M all cover. I like ‘em all enough for a parlay actually. Since this weekend will be relatively boring, next week I’m going to explain my bullet-proof system of how broke college kids can bet and not lose any money (seriously, there’s a system) since many of you have asked. Or just ask me on twitter @CharlieWisco

Rutgers Offers Official Apology For Fans Making Fun Of Penn State At Tailgates
Sep 169:30AM EST

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.06.06 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.06.11 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.52.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.53.07 PM






On behalf of Rutgers University and the Athletic Department, we would like to apologize for the regrettable actions of a handful of Rutgers fans on Saturday that do not convey the message of good, competitive spirit that we look forward to having with our new Big Ten rival Penn State University.

Some of the signage and t-shirts that we have been made aware of were both inappropriate and offensive.

I have spoken with and apologized to the Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour and I would like to apologize equally to the Penn State University fans, as well as Rutgers fans that were subjected to this classless display that does not represent the ethos of our university, athletic department or fan base.

The two inappropriate pictures that appeared briefly on our Facebook page as part of a 200-picture montage were immediately removed when we were alerted to their content.

It is unfortunate that the actions of a few spoiled an otherwise historic and record-setting night that Rutgers fans provided for our first Big Ten football game.

Julie Hermann
Rutgers Athletic Director



Holy shit is this really what we’ve come to?  School ADs making official written apologies for fans making fun of the other team at tailgates?   Jesus, I guess I’m not surprised at all considering how pussified America and especially colleges in America have become, but come on.  This is what sports is all about.  Rivalries and trash talking and getting the competitive edge on and off the field.  Any good fan worth his salt knows you got to come equipped to chirp.    You search high and low for any type of ammo you can use against the other guys.  Sometimes you have to really dig and find something small like a player’s girlfriend’s phone number.   Sometimes the biggest most embarrassing and horrible scandal in sports history is staring you right in the face.  Just got to grab it and run with it.


Hey Julie you know a little something about inappropriate, offensive verbal abuse right?



Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.33.53 AM






PS – Oh so NOW somebody cares about the kids?


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.53.19 PM