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Sean Leon – Juice + Hey Pretty Girl With The Dirty Mouth
Apr 234:50PM EST

Toronto’s newest star unleashes a next-level pair of tracks, dropping the video for his latest rap piece, “Juice,” alongside a fierce, deep punk rock cut on “Hey Pretty Girl With The Dirty Mouth.”

Download both songs here

Jerry Jones Wants To Draft Johnny Manziel If He Drops To The Cowboys
Apr 234:15PM EST

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.41.57 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.42.33 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.56.47 PM




And this is why Jerry Jones is the most successful owner in all of pro sports.  Well not most successful if you’re talking about “winning” and “championships” and shit.   But when it comes to stuff that matters like headlines in the papers, top stories on ESPN, eyeballs on the TV screens and asses in the seats nobody does it better.   Got a quarterback that you just paid 108 million bucks?  Who gives a fuck.  Dude is 34 with a bad back.  Hasn’t won dick.   Take the most electrifying player in the draft, plug him in to the backup spot and sell a quadrillion t-shirts and jerseys.  Then when Romo gets injured Week 8 put him in and let him run rampant all over the Cowboys Stadium turf.  GENIUS.








University of Pittsburgh Study Says Alcohol Mentioned In Top 40 Hit Songs Causes Students To Binge Drink
Apr 233:40PM EST

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.48.42 AM


(^ drinking because Katy Perry told them to)



USA TodaySnoop Dogg’s “I Drink I Smoke” suggest he’s sipping on Patrón tequila ‘til it tastes like water — but are these lyrics encouraging college students doing the same?  A new study from the University of Pittsburgh finds a correlation between the number of times alcohol brands are mentioned in top 40 songs and the amount of binge drinking occurring among young adults.

Surveying 2,500 young people to see if they liked a selection of ten top 40 hits that mention alcohol, the results show that those who answered yes were also found to be three times more likely than their peers to drink — and twice as likely to binge-drink.

Only 8 percent of the 2,500 studied were able to recall specific brands mentioned in songs, but these people were even more likely to drink than the others studied.

David Jernigan, the director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, believes the number of alcohol mentions in songs are not accidental.

“Clearly companies are spending money on this kind of marketing. The most well known is P Diddy with his 100 million dollar contract with Ciroc,” says Jernigan.



So young people who like top 40 hits that are played at parties tend to drink more than people who don’t like top 40 hits?




I have a question.  Can we take every dollar, every cent, every gigabyte of computer space and every hour of manpower that goes into these scientific studies and surveys that we blog about and put it all into cancer research?  Or really anything that’s actually important?  Like if you’re at a university and you’re sitting down cooking up a survey and getting ready to pass it out around campus just stop for a second, think, and say hey, maybe I can contribute my time and effort in a more meaningful way?  It’s up to you what it is, just try something other than “college kids who party and listen to hot music drink a lot.  Probably more than kids who don’t like music or partying.”



And by the way if you think literally anyone listens to the lyrics of the songs at a bar or party and decides to start drinking because the singer told them too you are an astounding moron.

Rate Shabazz’s First Pitch At Fenway
Apr 233:15PM EST






Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Solid first pitch outfit.  Confident on the mound.  Easy, smooth delivery.  Adequate effort.  Impressive velocity.  Only obvious problem was the slight bounce at the plate so we have to subtract a star but I’m going a solid 4.  4 stars.   Not easy to throw when you’re so god damn hungry.




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Smokesmash Matchup from Hell – Dani from Arizona vs. Karin from Coastal Carolina
Apr 232:30PM EST

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.31.49 PM




Dani from Arizona




546110_4262453992941_1987520164_n 35000_10200445690718172_1172397832_n


Karin from Coastal 





Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.25.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.26.09 PM 35060_414873890821_813555821_4426811_4399793_n



1 for Dani…5 for Karin


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This Instagram Video Is The First Funny Thing Jameis Has Ever Done
Apr 232:00PM EST


jaboowins5 – 38 minutes ago -We too deep this q in the wheelchair real #squad



Ooooo, kill em!





Oh and for the record everybody knows I love Jameis.  Dude is just not funny at all.  Kind of like a Shaq.  Phenomenal athlete.  Successful.  Electrifying on the field/court.  Lame as fuck off of it.  I think even FSU people agree with that right?

Boobie’s Mile: RAC Edition
Apr 231:15PM EST


This week’s Boobie features a special takeover from a true legend of indiepop, the man, the myth, the RAC.

Stream Boobie’s Mile: RAC Edition

Belle Knox Had Her Life Ruined When She Was Exposed For Doing Porn…Oh Look A Feature In Rolling Stone
Apr 2312:30PM EST

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.05.00 PM



The Blue Devil in Miss Belle Knox: Meet Duke Porn Star Miriam Weeks

It’s a soggy spring night, closing in on 10:00, and Duke freshman Miriam Weeks is on the hunt for new panties. Which in someone’s fantasy is probably a pretty standard way for a college coed to pass a Wednesday night after a day of classes – in Weeks’ case, two sociology courses and a women’s-studies seminar on the “politics of pleasure.” But these panties have a higher calling. Two days from now, at a convention called Exxxotica, in Atlantic City, she will try to sell them for upward of $50 apiece to the men (and women!) who find themselves sexually aroused by any of the 30 to 35 pornographic film scenes in which Weeks has appeared since she entered the adult-entertainment industry in November.

So Weeks needs panties. “Cheap panties,” she says wearily, gazing with big brown doe eyes out the car window as Duke’s hallowed halls give way to Durham’s less-hallowed strip malls. “Do you think the Dollar Store would have them?”

It’s been only a matter of weeks since news broke that a freshman at Duke University was paying her way through college by getting frisky on film, and Weeks’ hornier alter ego, Belle Knox (“Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and “Knox” because of her fascination with Amanda Knox: “I tried to find a name that wouldn’t really stick in people’s minds”), became a matter of national debate. It wasn’t the first time a college woman had ever done porn, of course, but America’s collective consciousness seemed both scandalized and titillated by the idea of a woman from as prestigious a school as Duke choosing to do so. On the one hand, said some, why shouldn’t a consenting adult engage in a perfectly legal profession in order to better herself through higher learning? And what right does society have to tell women what to do or not do with their bodies, anyway? But, on the other hand, you know, WTF?

In the ensuing media frenzy, Dr. Drew told Weeks that if he were her father, he would “be chompin’ down on a cyanide capsule.” Piers Morgan asked Weeks how she would feel if she had a daughter who wanted to be a porn star. On The View, Sherri Shepherd said that in direct response to Weeks’ decisions, “My heart just breaks. It really, really does.” Meanwhile, Howard Stern asked, “Are you wearing underwear or no?” Weeks, a women’s-studies and sociology major, did not shrink back from her public slut-shaming. Instead, giggling like the teenager she happens to be, she came forward as both a feminist and a “voice” for women in the porn industry.

All of which is to say that it’s been a topsy-turvy kind of freshman year for Ms. Miriam Weeks, the type of freshman year that’s brought such fame and infamy that she can, and will, sell her panties to the highest bidder. A traffic light turns green and onward she goes.




Belle Knox demands to be anonymous.  She deserves to be anonymous.  She’s just trying to afford tuition.  You have no right to know who she is or anything about her.  Don’t even THINK about using her real name on your website or she will sue you to hell.  All she wants to do is feel empowered and express her femininity.  Now excuse her while she sells her panties for 50 bucks a pop at a monster porn convention then has Rolling Stone Magazine do a feature about it with her full color picture and real name while wearing a Duke shirt.


Love porn stars.  Love confident women.  HATE hypocrites.





PS – I’ll tell you what.  I don’t respect a single thing about Belle Knox EXCEPT for the fact that she eats a tupperware full of mashed potatoes for breakfast.

When I first meet Weeks, the day before, she wears a rumpled navy jacket and glasses, and carries in one hand a breakfast of mashed potatoes and in the other a pink backpack.


That is just an unbelievable power breakfast move.

Kentucky Wesleyan College Professor Says Women Are Not Safe On Campus After Fraternity Does Sexual Dance During Greek Week Event
Apr 2311:50AM EST

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.20.38 AM



OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A Kentucky Wesleyan College professor wants students to take part in a campus-wide discussion Tuesday night after becoming involved in an incident on campus that she says turned sexual. 14 News was sent a copy of a letter, said to be written by Dr. Meredith Minister, the college’s assistant professor of Religion. In it she details an incident that took place while she was judging an event during Greek Week.

The professor wrote one of the students seen in the video placed his knees on the table where the professor was sitting and made a movement that put his genitals directly in front of her face. The student, she wrote, then grabbed her wrist, rubbing her hand through his hair.

She went on to write that if a 30-year-old faculty member was literally man-handled, what is happening to 20-year-old students without the same level of authority?

At one point she wrote — bluntly — I am concerned that women are not safe on this campus.

14 News spoke to the student in question.  He calls the incident “harmless.”

The professor is now calling on the administration to establish a Women’s Center and a Gender Studies Department.

She has also organized a campus-wide discussion set for Tuesday at 9pm at Rogers Hall on campus.




Couldn’t agree more.  If a student who is trying to be funny and put on a light-hearted show during a Greek Week event where they are dancing around like idiots thrusts his hips and rubs a judge’s hand through his hair, can you imagine how many girls he is raping in his free time?   Scary thought. Probably literally every girl.  I mean here you are voluntarily judging a fraternity doing a stupid dance during a fun event when all of a sudden one of the young men just takes you by the hand and touches his head with it?    How is a campus even remotely safe after that?  The answer is it isn’t.   Surprised anyone can even make it to class without being sexually violated.  It’s an epidemic and Kentucky Wesleyan is apparently ground zero.

Doctors Warn About New Drug Trend “Beezin’” Where You Rub Burt’s Bees Chapstick On Your Eyeballs
Apr 2311:00AM EST


LOCAL 15 - Doctors are alerting parents of a new trend called ‘beezin.’ It involves a popular lip balm called Burt’s Bees. Health experts say it’s a growing trend and involves high schoolers and college students putting it on their eyelids.

Those who are into it say it has the effects of feeling drunk or high. Others say it helps keep them alert. Doctors say the peppermint oil in the lip balm causes the tingling or burning sensation, but they warn it could cause pink eye like symptoms. “The peppermint oil in the lip balm is a very strong irritant and can cause inflammation in the eye, redness of the eye, swelling,” said Dr. Brett Cauthen with Today Clinic in Boston. Burt’s Bees products are 100 percent natural, but doctors say putting anything not intended for your eyes on that area can be risky.



Fucking kids these days bro.  I’m 26 and already feel like an old “get off my lawn” man with this shit.  Burt’s Bees on your eyelids?  That’s where we’re at now?  Peppermint chapstick in your retinas?  Hey teenagers you know what else gives you the feeling of being drunk and high?  Getting drunk and high.  Pounding shitty beer and smoking shitty weed out of a shitty pipe in the bulkhead of somebody’s basement while their parents are asleep.  Seriously I get that times change but some things stay good forever, and pouring your dad’s vodka into a water bottle or waiting outside a liquor store to offer some sketchy bro a 150% markup to buy you a 30 rack to get fucked up is still way more fun than rubbing menthol chapstick on your eyeballs.  Trust me.



Anyway I searched around for some Youtube clips and there’s a bunch from like last year, leave it to the mainstream news to be late as hell on the drug trends.





PS – Why do I get the feeling that there are  like 500 of our new high school stoolies currently Beezin as they read this.




h/t Joe from UDel