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Robin Thicke’s Acting Debut Just Won All The Academy Awards
Jul 2512:45PM EST

(I think you have to have Adblock disabled to watch the clip on desktop, sorry guys)


Filmdrunk – It’s safe to say that in the summer of 2012, Robin’s career was going through a bit of an identity crisis. This must have prompted him to ponder “what would daddy do?”, because that year Robin decided it was time to introduce the world to Robin Thicke: Hollywood leading man.

The movie was called “Abby in the Summer” (I say was because the title was later changed to “Making the Rules“) and, according to a column written by Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan, it is so ridiculously bad that you “simply must watch” the movie.


Oh shit check out Robin Thicke just killing ‘em out there in Hollywood. Every time he says the name “Abby” you can really feel the drama that this…this is a man pretending to be another man who simply cannot organically say the name Abby. If that’s not character layered on top of character layered on top of character then frankly I don’t even know why we have a dramatic film industry in this country.


The most genuine and heartfelt goodbye an actor has ever put onto celluloid:




Hope your screen isn’t flammable because we all know that was absolute



In all seriousness though I’m just glad that this movie Making the Rules didn’t get picked up when feminists were rallying against “Blurred Lines” for being rapey because this performance has the rapiest undertones since The Accused. Just lots of creeping around corners and blank stares and the subtle subtext that this is a man who knows his way around a Costco-sized bottle of chloroform.


There’s an accompanying NY Mag article more fully looking at Thicke’s acting debut if you feel like you need 1000 more words telling you “This was not good.” Or you could just enjoy this video seminar from Robin Thicke’s acting coach instead.


Rustie – Attak (ft. Danny Brown)
Jul 2512:10PM EST

Danny Brown links up with “Dope Song” compadre Rustie for another grimy hip-hop headbanger off the Scottish bass music producer’s upcoming album Green Language.  Perfect timing too, I’m just starting to recover from DB’s dick wrecking feature on Ab-Soul’s “Ride Slow.”

More from Danny Brown

Steve Spurrier Says He Went Down To The SC Player’s Locker Room And Jerked Some Of Them Off
Jul 2511:50AM EST



Old Ball Coach bein the Old Ball Coach.  I would say never change Spurrier but let’s be honest, he’s not changing a bit.



PS – Context is for losers.







h/t Ryan

Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder Eats Only One Meal A Day: Taco Bell At Midnight
Jul 2511:30AM EST

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.56.50 AM


BRISTOL, Conn.Kansas State coach Bill Snyder says the legend of him eating one meal a day is true.

Snyder, 74, still works 18-hour days as he is about to begin his 23rd season as the Wildcats’ coach, and he refuses to take lunch breaks. He usually doesn’t eat until after he leaves the office.

“One meal a day is accurate,” Snyder said Wednesday, during an interview at ESPN. “It’s not always Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell.”

Snyder said Taco Bell is sometimes his only option because he returns home so late.

“Taco Bell is open at midnight,” Snyder said. “[My wife's cooking] is not.”




Absolute psychopath move.  No other way to put it.  I mean yeah, this is some funny little quirk about an eccentric guy who by all accounts is pretty much the man, but at the same time it’s kind of disturbing right?  Like would you really trust your son to go play for a guy who doesn’t eat food all day then just crushes a Taco Bell burrito at midnight?  A 74 year old man who only eats food made specifically for hammered drunk 20 something year olds?   Such a weirdo. Hey Snyder you’re not POTUS bro.  You’re the football coach at Kansas State.  Put the play sheets down and step out and grab a turkey sandwich for 30 minutes.


Kliff Kingsbury Reads Flattering Tweets About Himself
Jul 2511:05AM EST




Just impossible to be more of the fucking man than Kliff.  Flat out impossible.  Somebody commented the other day kmarko who would you rather bang Johnny Football or Kliff Kingsbury, I think they were making fun of me but in all honesty that’s an incredibly tough question.





This Lady Is Putting An Absolute Beatdown On Key West Florida
Jul 2510:45AM EST


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.21.28 PM


imgurSeen on the streets of Key West, FL. Did a double-take and nearly choked on a slice of key lime pie. 





This post is not Sam Ponder approved.






h/t Isaac

Texas Misspelled Texas On Every Single Page Of Their Media Guide
Jul 2510:20AM EST


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.27.30 AM


TSNThe official website of the University of Texas athletics is We know this for a fact because if you click on the link, you will be taken to the official home page of Texas Longhorn athletics.

The issue at hand is that the bottom of each page on the football team’s 2014 media guide tells readers to use for all Longhorn sports needs.

But wait, there’s more.

A keen Oklahoma fan decided to purchase the domain, and it features a tremendous message to their Red River rivals.




Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.27.45 AM






And I thought UGA couldn’t catch a break?  Jesus, don’t even get me started on Texas.  Longhorns past half decade in a nutshell right here.  Mediocre seasons, passing up top recruits, Mack Brown fiasco.   Misspelling your own god damn name in your own programs.   Oklahoma shitting down their throat is just the icing on the cake.  Get it together down there.



PS – Charlie Strong strikes me as the kind of guy who would literally beat the intern who did this to death with his bare hands then plant his dead body in the middle of the practice field to “set the tone.”




Update:  Annndd right on cue….



Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.33.01 AM

Russian Smoke Starts Stripping And Dancing On Top Of Tow Truck To Stop Her Car From Being Towed
Jul 259:50AM EST


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.25.25 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.25.33 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.25.44 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.25.49 AM



Daily Mail - How far would you go if your car is clamped and the tow away truck is about to take it away?

This woman in Russia staged a striptease to try and avoid the traffic police from removing her vehicle. She leaped onto the truck – beside her car – and started peeling off her clothes to prevent them driving away.

An onlooker caught her extraordinary pole dancing scene on camera in the Russian city of Tula. Anatoliy Aleksandrovich posted the video on the web saying: ‘Look at how far some drivers go to stop their car being towed away.’

‘This lady did a real show, trying to stop traffic police from taking her car away,’ he said.

As she dances – stripping to her knickers and a top – she tries negotiating with the officers, not that it had the desired result.

‘Legally she was right to stop them as by law police can not take away the car if the driver is present,’ he said.



Need HD!  Need HD now!    Seriously this has got to be the best day ever for a tow truck driver right?  Used to getting screamed at and bitched at alllllll day long every single day.  Probably have to deal with a ton of pissed off psychos trying to fight/shoot you and shit.  Then today you roll up and there’s some little hottie stripping off all her clothes grinding all over your rigs flashing her butt in your face.  Just a little somethin’ to break up the monotony.   This guy knows what I’m talking about.



Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.41.57 AM

Ryan Raburn With Possibly The Worst Throw In The History Of Baseball And Sports In General
Jul 259:30AM EST





Big time players make big time plays…




Ok maybe not that one, definitely gun him down afterwards though…




Professional athlete shit.


At least he’s making up for it at the dish?



Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.48.30 AM



Barstool U Smokeshow of the Day – Morgan from Arizona
Jul 259:00AM EST



Introducing Morgan from Arizona.  Do you think we will ever run out of girls from the state of Arizona?  Or do they just replenish forever and ever?